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…Walk humbly with your God…

Micah 6:8

Walking and Praying in Canterbury Cathedral… September 2014

It was the most amazing privilege to offer the labyrinth as a path for prayer in Canterbury Cathedral…a most holy place of prayer and pilgrimage for hundreds of years...

The diocesan Taste and See Day gave 300 people the opportunity to explore different ways into prayer from a choice of workshops and experiences throughout the day. 45 people chose to walk and pray on the labyrinth…

It was wonderful to be part of busy Cathedral life for one day - to have pilgrims, tourists and tour guides observing people at prayer on a labyrinth in the cathedral and for us to take part in the hourly prayers of the Cathedral too.

The winding path of the labyrinth enabled us to unwind and be still in the presence of the Lord, to stand on holy ground and welcome God’s love.

The labyrinth in the nave of Canterbury Cathedral

R E Week in a Primary School… January 2015

What joy!

98 children plus their teachers and assistants walked and prayed on my new 5 circuit labyrinth.

The children were aged 5 - 11 yrs and go to a beautiful little primary school in Kent. They arrived in groups of 10 or so throughout the day and after we had chatted about the difference between mazes and labyrinths and looked really carefully at the canvas labyrinth on the floor we began our time of prayer... a short prayer all together and then, with gentle music playing, each child stepped onto the labyrinth, walked the path, said a little prayer in the centre and then followed the path back.. they sat quietly with finger labyrinths until all were back from their walk.

We talked about how they felt in the labyrinth ... the most common words were peaceful, calm, safe, free, sad and 'it was fun'.... We finished with a little blessing prayer to close our time with the labyrinth. The teachers were on hand to follow up any additional thoughts when the children returned to class.

A most blessed day.

Active Church in a Community Centre… February 2015

Active Church is a multi-activity energetic afternoon with Jesus at the centre of everything.... songs, games, crafts, stories, prayers and a parachute!

In a side room I had space to lay out the 5 circuit labyrinth, dim the lights, put LED tea lights around the edge and play gentle music...the cut out hearts were placed around the cross in the centre...

The room became a cool, calm contrast with the hot, busy hall next door. The children came in 4 age groups, 3yr olds up to 11yrs, with leaders and parents to learn something of the labyrinth as a path for prayer. We focused on love - those who love us, those we love and that Jesus always loves us. The children, leaders and parents were surprised by the labyrinth... the children talked about feeling 'peaceful', 'safe', 'confident' and 'thoughtful' and adults added 'powerful', 'emotional' and 'prayerful' to the descriptions of the experience...

Holy Week in Folkestone… March 2015

120 children from three primary schools remembered Jesus' journey to the cross by walking and praying on a labyrinth in the beautiful church of St Mary and St Eanswythe, Folkestone

A visit to Watts Cemetery Chapel nr Guildford… April 2015

Inside and outside of this most glorious chapel are angels holding symbolic discs… The exterior is wonderfully decorated in terracotta tiles... 4 friezes run clockwise around the chapel representing Hope, Truth, Love and Light... each frieze is 'held up' by 3 angels holding symbolic discs for one of the 'I am' sayings of Jesus : 'I am the Way, the Truth and the Life' (John 14:6)... the labyrinth symbolizes Jesus as The Way.


Nonington Baptist Chapel - April 2015

A Sunday morning service exploring the labyrinth as a path for prayer… We began by singing and being still acknowledging the presence of the Lord…

After a gentle discussion about the ways in which the labyrinth has supported the prayer life of countless Christians since the 4th century… we had time to walk and pray on the path…

                                       … a most blessed morning…


Thousands of people across the world walked a labyrinth and prayed for peace at 13.00 on Saturday... Walk as One at One ...

Praying for peace in troubled parts of our world, for peace in our families and communities and for peace in the hearts and minds of all.

Seeds of Hope Garden - Guildford Cathedral

May 2015.

I re-visited the Seeds of Hope Garden at Guildford Cathedral - a garden designed to help children explore feelings of bereavement and loss. I was alone in the garden as I took my photos and thought to remove a few twigs from the centre - as I went closer I could see that they were a poignantly simple bouquet.. I left them there…

To all those who walk this labyrinth :

'...May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace...'

(Romans 15:13)

Preparing to Celebrate Pentecost…

St Mildred’s Church Tenterden, May 2015

Members of St Mildred’s Church community were invited to walk a labyrinth and reflect on the special gifts they have each been given. Walking a labyrinth was a new experience for most of those who came… they expressed surprise at how the labyrinth gave them a calm space to be thoughtful and mindful of God’s presence in their lives.

Each walker was given a bookmark with this verse from the first Letter of St Peter:

Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received.

1 Peter 4:10

It was a huge privilege to lay  out a labyrinth in front of the High Altar in Canterbury Cathedral for a diocesan day of prayer…

Over 50 people took off their shoes and stepped onto the labyrinth  - people of all ages from a variety of  countries walked and prayed in this most special place.

The labyrinth was a wonderful conversation starter with countless numbers of tourist pilgrims throughout the day.

Prayer Day - St Mary’s School, Lamberhurst - May  2015

The children talked of enjoying peace, feeling calm and the labyrinth being a 'great place to talk to God..'

One child said that she felt that the labyrinth had dragged stress out of her....

another wondered why, having walked lots of paths in her life, she had never felt the experience she had felt on the labyrinth before...

Our theme for the day was the amazing Spirit-filled feast of Pentecost..

90 children (8-11 yrs) were divided into 9 groups of 10 pupils with an allocated time of 25 mins per group.

The Gathering - Canterbury Cathedral - May  2015

Mindful Meditation on the Labyrinth - Canterbury - May  2015

I had the privilege of offering the labyrinth to those who for a variety of reasons have found themselves homeless.

The residents of the hostel are already familiar with mindfulness and meditation... walking the labyrinth complemented this support beautifully... the restful, safe thinking space was much appreciated by those who walked the path…

The finger labyrinths were much appreciated too…

'In the labyrinth you don't lose yourself, you find yourself...'

Hermann Kern

Prayer Day - Lady Boswell’s School - Sevenoaks- May  2015

More joy today… sharing in another whole school prayer day.

The upper school were introduced to the labyrinth and experienced a similar day to the one at St Mary’s - posted below..

The Early Years ( 5-6 yr olds) classes were able to experience my story path labyrinth in their dedicated worship space...

This school also has a wonderful spiritual garden... With seating and flowers to create a beautifully peaceful place for thoughts and prayers.

It was really beautiful how 5 little LED tea-lights welcomed children to the centre of the labyrinth ... Our lovely 5 circuit labyrinth was laid out in the church of St John the Evangelist in Kingsdown, Kent.

120 children explored the labyrinth and spent some time walking and praying on its path.

"In the labyrinth I felt peaceful and calm... I'd like one of these at home..."

Labyrinth Prayer Day - Kingsdown - June 2015

Exploring 'JOURNEY' - The Living Well - June 2015

14 children spent a day at The Living Well exploring the theme of life being a journey - we began with prayer and a rousing rendition of 'One more step along the world I go...' We explored the stages in planning a journey and how many people make pilgrimages to Holy Places.

The labyrinth was introduced to the group... they then spent a time of silent prayer and reflection walking the labyrinth and creatively expressing their thoughts - Finger labyrinths were available too.

After lunch we learned how to draw and make a finger labyrinth to take home and finished our day with a journey of prayer and a blessing on a canvas labyrinth laid out in the chapel.

We had so much fun! It was a wonderfully blessed day

120 infant school children (4-7 yr olds) explored the labyrinth as a path for prayer.. Young children always surprise you by their response to the labyrinth...

Some comments after they had walked the labyrinth...

The older children talked of feeling calm, peaceful, happy, relaxed, gentle and smooth..

The youngest children explained their feelings by comparing them to previous experiences elsewhere..

'It felt like when I am playing with my favourite toys and no one annoys me...' (aged 4)

'It felt like I was in a garden...' (aged 5)

'It was like when I'm in my bed all quiet with my toys...'

Labyrinth Prayer Day - St Nicholas School, Strood, Kent - June 2015

A Labyrinth Prayer and Share Day for Spiritual Accompaniers… Canterbury - July 2015

How can a labyrinth support times of prayer and reflection?

That was the question explored by a group of 26 experienced Spiritual Accompaniers in a day that included input on the history and Christian context of the labyrinth, an hour and a half of walking the labyrinth, silent prayer, reflection and response time followed by a session on how to make labyrinths and share them with others.

Evening Prayer - Kingsdown, Kent - August 2015

A gentle evening of prayer walking a labyrinth was offered at St John the Evangelist church. The labyrinth was lit all the way around the perimeter with candles, very soft music accompanied prayerful walking and thoughtful conversation followed over a cup of tea.

Porchlight is a fabulous charity supporting vulnerable and homeless people across Kent...

I was invited to share something of the labyrinth with some hostel residents and facilitate a time of walking, reflecting and responding. The participants were already familiar with mindfulness and meditation and approached the labyrinth with confidence and trust... It was a very thoughtful, creative and healing morning.

Walking Mindfully - Dover - August 2015

Labyrinth Prayer and Cake ! August 2015

A glorious afternoon was spent in Great Chart - Rev Tim had mown a labyrinth in the Rectory lawn. Over 30 people of all ages gathered to find out more about labyrinths as a path for prayer…and have tea and cake…. Lovely! The Google Earth image of the labyrinth is fabulous


2 lengths of rope - October 2015

A simple way to lay out a five circuit labyrinth.

The sun shone on a beautiful primary school near Faversham, Kent. Our aim is to create a Labyrinth Prayer Garden for children, staff and parents... a place of peace.. a place to walk and pray... a place to rest. A garden that also includes seating, a water feature and pots of plants and flowers... gentle colours, textures and smells to support this spiritual space.

Year 4 children walked the labyrinth and gave ideas to the planning team… more photos as the garden develops …

Small is beautiful - October 2015

A small group of 10 people gathered for a day of prayer and reflection. We began with a time of prayer followed by input on the history and development of labyrinths. The participants then had an hour of silent walking, praying and responding.

We were at the Bishop's beautiful residence in Rochester with gardens to wander and enjoy. We celebrated Holy Eucharist in the chapel, shared lunch and had a fun hour learning to draw labyrinths and planning ways in which a labyrinth could be offered in their church community. We then had a time of singing and praying together before we went home. A wonderfully blessed day...

New! Gorgeous Labyrinth Mugs… (available from 28th October)

Each beautiful mug has been expertly hand-thrown by an experienced ceramicist who lives and works in Kent, UK.

The delicate labyrinth motif is hand-made too.

The mugs are made in stoneware, a beautiful clay which is fired to a high temperature. The mugs are oven and dishwasher safe.

Each mug is unique - hand-made not mass produced!

The artist has signed each one and they are all stamped ENGLAND on the base.

These mugs have been made exclusively for Pilgrim Paths.

We used one of our lovely small labyrinths.

Exploring the Labyrinth - Nov 2015

Our work with Porchlight continues… 10 residents of one of their hostels for the homeless explored the labyrinth as a tool for reflection and relaxation.

We made a simple rope labyrinth in the grounds and each person created a colourful finger labyrinth to take with them at the end of our day…

A new resource....We love colouring-in!!

I always have creative response materials for labyrinth walkers to use as part of their reflective time after their walk... A couple of months ago I introduced a very simple colour-in labyrinth sheet... it's really popular.

It's just little circles forming the shape of a classical labyrinth.. the circles are large enough for most levels of adult dexterity and eyesight... and you can download it for free

On a Sunday afternoon teenagers came to the chapel to explore the labyrinth as a path for prayer... I laid out my lovely small labyrinth made by my very talented Paxworks friends…

These were very special teenagers... each one an inmate of a secure training centre - A centre with high fences and locked doors everywhere... the music room was the chapel for the Sunday. As each group came to the chapel we gently talked, gently walked and gently prayed... our prayers were for them, their staff and their chaplain too... May God bless and guide them on their path..

Secure Training Centre - Dec 2015

Last Saturday we offered two labyrinths to over 80 delegates at an ecumenical youth and children's ministry conference... In addition to workshops on the labyrinths, the labyrinths were available all day as a dedicated prayer space…

We also sold lots of our lovely labyrinth resources too...

Our keynote speaker, Carolyn Edwards from Cliff College, encouraged us to eat, play and wonder with children and young people... a great reminder to joyfully nurture the deep spirituality that children have…

Youth Leaders’ Conference - Dec 2015

Sorry! Sold Out!

Pause for thought...

Thus says the Lord:

Stand at the crossroads, and look,

and ask for the ancients paths,

where the good way lies; and walk in it,

  and find rest for your souls…


Jeremiah 6:16

You show me the path of life. In your presence there is fullness of joy…

Psalm 16:11

‘It is solved by walking’

 - attributed to St Augustine

Welcome… wherever you are on your path …

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