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…Walk humbly with your God…

Micah 6:8

Welcome to our free resources page….

Over the coming months useful free downloads and and links to free resources will appear on this page.

To start the collection we have:

[1]   Finger Labyrinth and Prayer Guide Leaflet

This Leaflet

- can be downloaded and printed as many times as you like

- is A4 landscape to be folded to make an A5 leaflet

- has an introduction to the labyrinth as a path for prayer

- has a finger labyrinth and prayer guide on the inside pages

- has suggestions for further labyrinth prayer on the back of the leaflet.

Download Here

[2]   How to draw a Labyrinth

This double-sided A4 sheet has easy to follow instructions for drawing a 3 and a 7 circuit labyrinth.

It also has information about drawing a 5 and an 11 circuit labyrinth and suggestions for ways of constructing walkable labyrinths too.

There’s also a link on the sheet to a video showing another way of constructing a labyrinth.

Download Here

[3]   Labyrinth Prayer Walk for Advent

This labyrinth prayer leaflet can be used by individuals and groups as a way of preparing to celebrate the Feast of Christmas.

Please feel free to print this document as often as you need to.

Download Here

[4]   Colour in a Labyrinth

We love colouring in…

I always have creative response materials for labyrinth walkers to use as part of their reflective time after their walk... A couple of months ago I introduced a very simple colour in labyrinth sheet... it's really popular.

It's just little circles forming the shape of a classical labyrinth. The circles are large enough for most levels of adult dexterity and eyesight..

Download Here

[5]  A Labyrinth Prayer Walk reflecting on : LOVE

A free sample from the forthcoming Walk and Pray Vol II.

A triple fold leaflet with blank sections for you to overprint with your own songs, prayers or notices… or leave blank for participants to jot down their own thoughts and prayers…

The pdf also includes a template for the heart cards suggested in the leaflet…

Download Here

[6]  A Christmas Bookmark

Download Here

[7]  A Labyrinth Prayer Walk for Easter

Walk joyfully! He is risen! Alleluia!

This printable leaflet can be used as an aid to your prayer and reflection this Eastertide..

Download Here

More labyrinth prayer leaflets can be found in the pdf book Walk and Pray Vol I

[8]  Godly Play

A simple guide to using a finger labyrinth during Godly Play response time. This leaflet was offered to delegates at the Godly Play UK conference, Sheffield, 2017.

Download Here

If you would like a free copy of the Godly Play guide to walking a labyrinth please email me and I’ll send you one …