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…Walk humbly with your God…

Micah 6:8

Beautifully crafted in the UK from solid oak sourced from

sustainable forests these finger labyrinths have the natural ‘warmth’ of wood and provide a wonderful tactile experience for prayer, reflection and meditation.

Each finger labyrinth comes with a gentle prayer guide.

Each finger labyrinth is unique. The grain and wood markings give each finger labyrinth variations in colour  and wood markings.

Oak Labyrinths

Classical Style Finger Labyrinth

Width = 33 cm   Height = 30.5 cm

Depth = 2 cm

Weight = 1.06 kg (approx.)

£65.00 + postage & packing

Includ es VAT

Or to pay by invoice

£70.00 + postage & packing

Includes VAT

Chartres 11- circuit Finger Labyrinth

Diameter = 41 cm

Depth = 2 cm

Weight = 1.87 kg (approx.)

£65.00 + postage & packing

Includ es VAT

Chartres Essence

7-circuit Finger Labyrinth

Diameter = 35 cm

Depth = 2 cm

Weight = 1.14 kg (approx.)

‘Right turn’ finger labyrinths can be carved for you on request… at no extra cost.

‘Lighter’ oak finger labyrinths can be made to order for those who might find  the larger solid oak finger labyrinths too heavy. There is an additional cost of £6 for the extra work involved. The backs are carefully removed to take some of the weight out of the labyrinth and yet leave the labyrinth strong in structure…

The reverse side of a ‘lighter’ finger labyrinth.

Classical = approx. 700 gms

Chartres = approx. 1.1 kg

Essence = approx. 800 gms

…The oak finger labyrinths are really fabulous and value for money and far better than I’ve seen before…

Beautifully small oak labyrinths

Designed especially for those who would like to take a beautiful oak labyrinth with them anywhere at anytime…

The path of these labyrinths can be lightly traced by a finger or the labyrinths can be displayed as a focus for prayer and reflection. Please note the size - they are beautifully small and easy to carry. They are not full sized finger labyrinths…

Each small labyrinth is beautifully crafted here in the UK.

The compact size and weight means that they are ideal

The Chartres Essence small labyrinth is

15 cm in diameter and weighs approx. 220 gms

The Classical small labyrinth is

16 cm x 15 cm and weighs approx.175 gms.

Small Essence Labyrinth

Small Classical Labyrinth

£34.00 + postage & packing

Includ es VAT

Download a free finger labyrinth guide here:

Finger Labyrinth Prayer Guide with Scripture or Finger Labyrinth Guide